An Effort to Ensure
That Every Child Cancer Patient
Gets Complete Treatment

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Who We Are

Aadhar is a non-profit organization managed by a group of dedicated professionals in an effort towards helping the economically underprivileged child cancer patients. Started in 1998, Aadhar has assisted over 600 children in their cancer treatment. This is made possible by the hard work of the trustees and the many volunteers who have worked for Aadhar with their heart and soul. Last but most definitely not the least, our work is made possible by our donors, whose contributions have saved many lives. Our core team consists of :

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Late Dr. Rajeshwary Kulkarni

DOMS, DNB (Ophthalmology) was the Founder-Trustee of Aadhar

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Dr Avinash Kulkarni

MD(Pediatrics), DCH, Dip NB is one of the founders & Managing Trustee of Aadhar

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Wg. Cdr. (Retd.) Pradeep Valsangkar

M.Tech (Computer Science), MBA (Finance), is a Trustee of Aadhar

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Mrs. Soumyashree Meesaraganda

LL.B., LL.M. (Columbia University, New York) is a Trustee of Aadhar

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Mr. Chandra Sekhar Meesaraganda

LL.B., LL.M. (University of Pennsylvania Law School, U.S.A.) is a Trustee of Aadhar

What We Do

Providing Medications

Our aim is to make quality medication available for poor children with cancer. We acquire quality medicines from reputed companies and make them available to patients on a cycle-to-cycle basis. Aadhar also occasionally helps patients and their families in getting radiotherapy and surgery.

Patients bring their prescription properly signed and stamped by their treating doctors at various institutions mentioned above, and medicines are provided for free on a cycle to cycle basis. The details of each patient are logged and then the medicines are taken by the patients back to the hospitals. The medicines are logged at the hospital's end as well.


Over the years, we felt the need to help cancer patients by providing them the latest information regarding medical care, to educate them on peripheral facilities required for rehabilitation, to give emotional support to the patients and families and other issues.

With this in mind, we at Aadhar have been providing counselling and support to cancer patients.


Aadhar organizes events on a regular basis to boost the morale of the children while they are undergoing treatment so as to return a semblance of their childhood and make them smile, even if for a short while.

Cancer, apart from being financially burdensome, is an emotionally-devastating disease. A lot of these children while undergoing treatment are isolated as they are cut off from their friends because they are unable to attend school and are generally unable to play with their peers.


In our country, more than 70% cancer patients go to a doctor at the terminal stage, owing to lack of information and awareness, especially in economically-challenged sections of society. The lack of quality and accessible material on this subject has hindered our fight against this disease.

We are striving to change that by aiding in publishing material to increase cancer awareness generally and to remove any misconceptions relating to cancer.

Few of our Publications

  1. Cancers found in Indian Children.
  2. Booklet on Cancers of the Respiratory and Gastro-intestinal Tract.
  3. Cancer –Ek Ghar Ki Kahani This book is a drama script on the three most common gynaecological cancers.
  4. Cancer Chikitsa- Isse Saharsh Kaise Poora Karein.

  1. Booklet on cancers caused by HIV virus. This booklet specially addresses young potential parents who may be responsible for the birth of HIV positive children who are at higher risk for certain cancers. Besides this, children with HIV positive parents may be orphaned at an early age and face many problems.
  2. Hindustani Auraton Mein Cancer-Cancer Ki Kahani, Jo Auraton Ne Na Jaani.
  3. Cancer Chikitsa, Gahan Chikitsa
  4. Tumhari Adbhut Rog Pratikarita Pranali.
All our publications are authored by Prof. Manoj Sharma, Former Director Professor, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

How You Can Help Us

Contribute to the Child Cancer Fund

You can donate to Aadhar with confidence that the funds will be utilized for the treatment of poor child cancer patients. Patients are constantly being referred to us for various types of chemotherapy and supportive medications which they need for treatment.Treatment can cost upto Rs. 8000 (approx. US$120) to Rs. 10,000 (approx. US$150), per cycle, depending on the individual case. In some cases where a child requires specialized treatment, the cost may further increase astronomically per cycle. Treatment depends on the diagnosis, and in cases of Leukemia, it goes upto two and a half years. Your contributions help to ensure that needy patients will not have to stop their treatment due to lack of funds.

Sponsor a Child Cancer Patient

You can partially or fully fund the treatment of at least one child by pledging a donation amount each month. Based on the amount pledged, you may even be able to fund the cost of medication of more than one child. At your specific request, Aadhar will be able to provide periodic updates on the progress of treatment of the child/children whom your pledge helps. For more details, please contact us on our email mentioned below.


Aadhar uses upwards of 97% of the funds it receives from donors towards providing medicines for child cancer patients. We are able to keep administrative costs low only because everyone who works for Aadhar does so voluntarily without consideration.

  1. Help with Fundraising
  2. Give emotional support to patients by participating in counseling sessions and parties for children
  3. Help design and execute cancer awareness campaigns
  4. Help with managing our files
  5. Help organize events for Aadhar

Spread the word

We thank you for your interest in Aadhar. Even if you are unable to donate or contribute as a volunteer at this time, you can tell your friends and family about us.

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